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Index of the plans listed below

Career Training Country English 26 weeks 1.5 years
AuPair USA United States English 12 weeks 1 year

Details for each plan

Career Training [Info]
Category Volunteer Programs
Activities Work Programs
Grade obtained No degree
Country Country
Language English
Minimum duration 26 weeks
Maximum duration 1.5 years (see note)
About this plan:
The objective of this program is to allow the youth of different countries to learn from a practical experience in a different culture, the need for International Education, Comprehension, Peace and tolerance of the way in which other people live. By integrating into the community and way of life, they will be able to obtain first-hand experience of the cultural differences, and the defects and benefits that they will observe by comparing their lives in their own country with that of their host country. They will have to learn another language and after having completed the basic language requirement will be allowed to enter a work environment. To enter a work environment, the student must show that he/she is able to be a productive member of the community. Work Experience programs normally involve students in Community Development Programs such as Assistant English Teachers / Teachers of Sport / Computer Instructors (I.T.)Assistants / National Parks Volunteer work, etc. dep! ending the chosen carrer.
AuPair USA [Info]
Category Volunteer Programs
Activities Work Programs
Grade obtained No degree
Country United States
Language English
Minimum duration 12 weeks
Maximum duration 1 year (see note)
About this plan:
Students participating in this program will work in northamerican families babysitting, looking after the children and home manteinance.
To be elegible to this program, experience with children is required. You need to be between 18 and 27 years old and have a good english speaking level. This program is for a full year (twelve months), and participants are also allowed to study at the nearest educational institution. The program includes airfares, training on arrival and a weekly nominal payment.

Note: 1 academic year = 10.5 calendar months