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Activities in Argentina - Introduction

Between the 16th and the 30th of March 2005, the Pretoria Girls High School´s Hockey Team visited Argentina. A group of 28 students and 3 staff members from Pretoria Girls High School, South Africa, and their Principal Mrs P.A. McNair toured Argentina for a two weeks Hockey Tour through the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba and Mendoza.

They had the opportunity to share and learn from a different culture and a different way of life staying with local host families. The practice of their individual sports was one of the highlight of the journey, and taking back in their hearts the memories of Argentina for a life time.

Their first stop was in Arrecifes where the Mayor welcomed them and introduced them to the local community. They visited a local school and played two matches at the local sports club. They were also honored with a Tango & Floklore show and with a city tour.

Following this, they made their second stop in San Jorge. There, the San Jorge Sports Club hosted the group and organized a small tournament with other clubs from the area. The visitors also had the chance to cycle around the town, have a welcome dinner, visit local schools and meet the local authorities.

The third stop was in the city of Córdoba. The Jockey Club was the local organizer for this leg of the tour. During their stay there, the girls from PGHS attended a workshop presented by the Jockey Club´s coach Frabricio. They worked on basic concepts, definitions and offensive situations.

Following this, the tour continued in Mendoza where Los Tordos Club hosted and organized two matches with the two South African teams on tour. While staying there, they visited the base of the Aconcagua, the highest peak in América, and the bridge of the Inca.

The last stop was at St. Albans College in Buenos Aires. There, besides playing the last matches on tour, they had a tour around the capital city of Argentina, enjoyed a Tango show and had some free time for shopping with their host families.

The TCEF Argentina 2005 Tour was their first overseas experience and we would like to thank everyone who helped, colaborated and participated making this experience unforgetable and successful.