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Activities in Argentina - Introduction

An outstanding group of young adults who at all times showed discipline, good conduct, professionalism and an outstanding sense of TransOranje pride. Their disposition to face large coach trips between Cities en route was noted and although they were tired, always showed a willingness to have a ready smile, cheerful approach, and undertook these large distances with little difficulty.

TransOranje is to be complimented on the preparation, dedication and professionalism of each and every member of the Tour Group. The TCEF Argentina Team's Review Board comment was that "this tour was an absolute pleasure to be a part of, and we wish all tours were made up of such a worthy representation of South Africa, the TransOranje School for the Deaf of South Africa, and the diverse cultures which make up the Rainbow Nation"

Our sincere thanks and compliments to all involved. TCEF's objective of kindling the fires of friendship, understanding, peace and education was noted at all times.

TCEF thanks the TransOranje's Headmaster, Mr. Allies Dill, for having the faith that this tour would be the success that it turned out to be. Argentina will never forget the cast of My African Dream.

On a personal note, many, many thanks to ALL at TransOranje for making this tour the success that it turned out to be. This was a wonderful example of projection and inter-cultural development, as well as an opportunity for the TransOranje Students to have their first international experience off the African continent. We would be proud to arrange a tour with this excellent group of young professionals to other countries should the opportunity arise in the future.

We wish the TransOranje School for the Deaf every success in the future, with the hope that we will meet again on TCEF's Internationals' visits to South Africa.

Thanks must be extended to Mrs Carien Marias for her support in developing the relationship with TCEF following the initial communication arising from the St Albans Barbershop Tour to Argentina in 2004, where Elma Damman, Pianist of this tour Group, provided the groundwork for the eventual tour. Without her support, belief in TCEF and interest in the T.O. Tour through TCEF, we believe that she has been instrumental in completing the international vision of TransOranje through personal contact of students and Academics in global cooperation.

And, last but not least, special compliments should be directed toward all the Teachers and Staff for their support, dedication and Management of the Tour Group. They are highly recommended as extremely capable executives and dedicated professionals.

Congratulations on an exciting, successful, and never to be forgotten Tour to Argentina 2005.