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Activities in Argentina - Introduction

The St. Mary's DSG Tour TCEF Argentina 2005, was the first multidisciplinary experience for the Chase Foundation Argentina. During a period of two weeks, from April 10th to the 24th, thirty-eight high school students and six staff members travelled the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba and Mendoza playing hockey, basketball, tennis and squash; an exciting experience that will not be forgotten.

The tour started in the city of Pergamino, province of Buenos Aires, where the Gimnasia y Esgrima de Pergamino club hosted the touring group. The reception offered by the host families and local organizers was outstanding. The girls were all home hosted and the staff members were hosted at a local hotel during their stay in town. During the two days spent there, several matches were played in the different sports but there was also time for social activities like a reception by the mayor at the municipal building.

The second stop on tour was the community of San Jorge, province of Santa Fe. There, again, every girl was home hosted and the staff was sent to a hotel for accommodation. Besides the sport activity at Club San Jorge, our time there provided the opportunity to experience the freedom offered by smaller towns, a folklore and tango show and a disco style party at the Club's House.

In the city of Cordoba the girls were divided and hosted by sport. The hockey was hosted by the Taborín School, Squash by Cordoba's Squash Federation, Tennis at the Cordoba Lawn Tennis Club and the basketball team travelled a few more miles to a town called Cosquín to the Club Independiente under de organization of the provincial Basketball Federation. There they had the chance to visit different shopping malls and buy gifts to take back home.

The fourth stop was at Mendoza city. There, the squash and basketball teams played their matches. At night, the Aristides Villanueva Street offered a variety restaurants and bars to have a coffee or dinner. Of course, a must on every visit to Mendoza is the excursion to the Valley of Uspallata, the Penitentes area, Bridge of the Incas, the base of the Aconcagua, and the border with Chile.

The last stop on tour was at St. Alban's College Buenos Aires. But before arriving to the school the students and staff members from St. Mary's DSG had the opportunity to assist to Piazzolla Tango for a show and lunch. Then, walked traditional Florida Street and spent some time at a shopping mall. Back at St. Alban's Buenos Aires, the sport activities and reception were exceptional, as they usually are when we visit over there.

On Sunday the 24th of April a large part of the touring group returned to South Africa. The rest, twelve students and three teachers, stayed four extra days visiting the Iguazu Water Falls in the northeast of Argentina. During this excursion they visited the Brazilian and Argentine side of the falls.

The TCEF Argentina 2005 Tour was the first multidisciplinary experience and we would like to thank everyone who helped, collaborated and participated making this experience unforgettable and successful.