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Activities in Argentina - Introduction

From November 27th to December 11th 2005, the Simply Blue Choir from Bishops Diocesan College, Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa, traveled to South America for the TCEF Bishops Tour Argentina 2005.

The choral group is made up of high school students between 16 and 18 years of age, - conducted by Marion Bradley, - visited this continent for their first time. During their stay in Argentina they traveled through the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Salta.

The first stop was at St. Alban's College in Buenos Aires. There, they visited the school's installations at the Lomas de Zamora neighborhood and spent a couple of nights being home-hosted with local students.

They then went to the city of Mendoza where they were hosted by the School of Children Singers where they made a performance during their stay there.

They also had the chance to do the traditional TCEF excursion to the Aconcagua, Bridge of the Incas and Valley of Uspallata on their way to the Chilean border in the Andes Range.

The itinerary continued to the city of Cordoba, where the music orientated Collegium High School hosted the touring group. They also visited the city of Oncativo;- a one hour drive from the city of Cordoba, - where they took part at the local festival. Following their performance they returned to the city of Cordoba.

On their way to Salta City in the Salta Province, the South African Choir visited the Calchaquies and Cafayate areas. They performed for the local community and had the chance, during their short stay, to visit local schools and places of interest.

The choir then continued on their way to the city of Salta where Luis Benavidez and his choir awaited their visit, to host them, take care of them, and provide each of them an unforgettable experience in this historic and picturesque city. Salta also gave them the opportunity to learn about the culture, lifestyle and folklore of this traditional area of Argentina.

The last couple of days in Argentina took the Simply Blue choir back to the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. There, they enjoyed hotel accommodation, walked the traditional Florida Street, visited local shopping malls, and enjoyed the show at Piazzolla Tango and had their last Argentine steak before returning home to South Africa with their hearts filled with memories and new friends.