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Activities in Argentina - Introduction

Vaal University Choir

The Choir of the Vaal University of Technology The Mighty Sounds of the Eaglets will be touring through different communities in the Republic of Argentina in the Buenos Aires, Salta, Tucuman, Santiago del Estero and Cordoba Provimces.

This group of university students make a multicultural and diverse choir of sixty singers between the ages of 18 and 28; willing to show the union among the diversity of cultures of South Africa through their performances and music, rhythim and dance.

The choir Conductor, L. W. Tejane, has a long history of involvement in Choral Music. The South African Broadcasting Cooperation recognized his compositional works as the best with regard to the ten years of democracy in South Africa. Since joining the Mighty of the Eaglets in 2003, the ensemble has risen to unimaginable heights. Currently he is furthering his academic studies pursuing harmony and counterpoint areas.

The Mighty Sounds of Eaglets has recorded their first CD, which has 15 tracks of Coral Music. Currently, they are working on finalizing their second release which will be available during the TCEF Argentina 2004 Tour.

The TCEF Argentina 2004 Tour will be the first experience outside the African continent and we invite you to enjoy the in the following dates and communities or through our website.