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Activities in Argentina - Introduction

St Albans Barbershop Choir

From Wednesday the 11th of August to Sunday the 19th, the Barbershop Boys Choir from St. Albans College, Pretoria, South Africa visited Argetina for an eighteen day tour. During their stay here they peformed and captivated audiencies in different provinces of the country.

The starting point of their tour was in the Province of Buenos Aires visiting St. Albans College in Lomas de Zamora. There, they sang for the elementary, primary and high school students, and performed for the Founder's Day and Prize Giving celebrations at their sister school in Argentina.

Then, it was time to fly over the pampas to the Province of Mendoza. In Mendozathey were received by the School of Children Singers and also had the opportunity to visit the base of the Aconcagua, highest mountain in the Americas, from a view point situated at 4200 meters above sea level.

The first stop in the Province of Córdoba was in the town of Hernando which was followed by a visit to Ucacha. They also visited the community of Costa Sacate on their way to the city of Oliva. The final destination in this province was Marcos Juárez.

Las Rosas was the seleced place in the Province of Santa Fe. There, they participated in the annual choir festival of the city, participated in the aniversary ceremony of the police station and had a great time learning folklorical dances.

Back in the Province of Buenos Aires, they firstly stopped in Arrecifes where they visited the local schools and stables. The last stop was at the Cesar Park Hotel where the South African´s Embassy's "10 Years of Freedom" festival was taking place.

The Tour Argentina 2004 was a great experience for everyone involve. We invite you to visit the special section of the Barbershop Boys in our website and enjoy their music and photos.