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News column

St Albans Washington DC - STEdP Short Term Educational Program USA – Argentina 2010 (More info...)
news/past/20100612/icon.jpeg June 12, 2010
Hi Ms. Chase Thank you very much for everything you did for us. It\'s hard to even imagine all the work you put into making our trip possible, and I am very grateful that you are so generous.
Alex & Tobin - Bishops High School CapeTown South Africa to Argentina and Chile (More info...)
news/past/20090923/icon.jpeg September 23, 2009
Last Term of Bishops SA to take 3 weeks Spanish one to one course in Salta Argentina . Alex was family hosted by St Peters High School in Vina del Mar Chile Tobin was family hosted by Los Olivos Mendoza Argentina
Midrand High School “Living in the USA” (More info...)
news/past/20090626/icon.jpeg June 26, 2009
A magnificent group of 17 secondary students with a wonderful teacher Lianda and outstanding Principal Almarie, participated on a USA TCEF Program New York – Lancaster – Amish Community – Washington DC 4th of July 2009.
St Marys DSG Diocesan School of Girls Pretoria Gauteng South Africa (More info...)
news/past/20090405.1/icon.jpeg April 5, 2009
St Marys High School return for the second time to South America, to play with schools of Chile and Argentina, and this time they played 5 disciplines. Tennis, Hockey, Squash, Basquetball and Netball. We need to express the gratitude to Ms Susan De Bruyn and Ms Lynnette Ferreira that since 2005, Argentina created the Federation of netball. They had games in Vina del Mar, Temuco, Puerto Varas in Chile. Buenos Aires and Bariloche Argentina. DSG visited Calafate the Glacier Perito Moreno in the province of Santa Cruz Argentina.
Midland Youth Choir - Valley of 1.000 Hills, Pietermaritzburg - KwaZulu Natal Province -South Africa (More info...)
news/past/20090405/icon.jpeg April 5, 2009
Midlands Choir was a group of 12 South African High schools of Valley of 1.000 Hills. Treverton (Mooi River) – Hilton College(Hilton) – MichaelHouse(Ligetton) – Wembley(Greytown)Pietermaritzburg Maritzburg College – PMB Girls High – Epworth – St Anne’s College – St John’s – St Charles – Vootrekker & The Wykeham Collegiate
STEdP Short Term Educational Program Argentina & Chile to South Africa 2009 (More info...)
news/past/20090102/icon.jpeg January 2, 2009
Eight argentine and five chilean students in different High Schools of South Africa.
Bishops College - William Rosenberg & Arron Darcy Exchange (More info...)
news/past/20080924/icon.jpeg September 24, 2008
William or Guillermo / Billy, as he was called in Spanish ,visited 4 countries in a period of 3 months Mendoza Argentina, where he went to Los Olivos High School , and Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina the triple frontier of South America, and Chile as well.
Washington National Cathedral Girls Choir - Washington Mount St Albans Boys Choir (More info...)
news/past/20080627/icon.jpeg June 27, 2008
For 2 weeks 91 Boys and Girls Choir visited South Africa . They sang on churches and Cathedrals of 4 provinces of 9 of South Africa. The interaction with South African best Choirs was extraordinary
Rustenburg Hoerskool Choir (More info...)
news/past/20080618/icon.jpeg June 18, 2008
The Rusties Choir spread its voices from small chapels to majestic Cathedrals in Argentina. Buenos Aires : Cathedral Basilica of City of La Plata - Teatro Argentino – St Andrews Scot’s High School – St Hilda’s High School Córdoba: Cruz Alta Cathedral – Los Surgentes Church – Rio 3 Church – Córdoba Salta: 18th century Salta Cathedral – Cafayate – Devil’s Throut Anphiteather Los Andes Range – Metan Church – San Francisco de Asís – El Galpón Santiago del Estero: Ojo de Agua Chapel
Human Service Project Kennesaw State University Georgia USA (More info...)
news/past/20080516/icon.jpeg May 16, 2008
10 students & 1 graduated of Human Service Degree with their professor Dr Louise Bill share at Seclantas Valley TCEF program.